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Web Services API

All of TriMet's web services are read-only in nature, use HTTP or HTTPS as the transport mechanism, with HTTP GET as the method to call the service, and XML formatted data as the response. Each web service begins with a base URL followed by parameters and arguments. The service arguments are seperated by either a forward slash ("/") as part of the URL path, or GET parameters with the standard "?/&/=" separators.

An application id (AppID) is a required parameter to all TriMet web service calls. Thus, before using the services, register for an AppID here.

Example service calls

First using slashes to separate the service parameters:

Second, using the HTTP GET parameters style:

Available web services

Alerts V2 Reports alerts currently in effect by route or location ID.
Vehicles Latest vehicle positions.
Arrivals V2 Reports arrivals at a stop identified by location ID.
Deprecated: Arrivals Reports next arrivals at a stop identified by location ID.
Deprecated: Detours Retrieves a list of detours currently in effect by route.
RouteConfig Retrieves a list of routes being reported by TransitTracker from the active schedule, optionally a list of directions for those routes and stops in each of those directions.
Stop Location Returns stops that are within a geographically defined area or within a distance of a point.
Trip Planner Plan trips between two locations programmatically.