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Developer Resources

Deveoper Resources

TriMet has made resources available to software developers, to promote the use of transit and information related to transit.

At this time these resources include a schedule published in the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format, web services from TriMet's TransitTracker and trip planner systems, and GIS data in shapefile format.

As more resources are made available they will be announced here.

A number of tools developed using TriMet's developer resources are listed here.

Getting started

We have built a brief list of definitions to transit terms. You may want to read them before working with our data.

To start using our GTFS data you can read about it here and get it here.

To start using our Web Services feed you must first register for an AppID here.

The Web Services currently available are documented here.

The TimeTable Publisher project is hosted as a google code project.

Join the Transit Developer PDX discussion group at