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TriMet GIS Metadata

Rail Lines (tm_rail_lines)


Public transit rail lines. Includes existing, under construction, and planned MAX, WES, and Portland Streetcar lines. The data have been generalized to improve cartographic display at smaller scales.

Geometry Type



Current. Last update: December 21, 2016

Contact Information

TriMet GIS
4012 SE 17th Ave, GIS3
Portland, OR 97202

Attribute Information

Attribute: LINE
Definition: Line(s) serving a particular segment.
Attribute type: String
Attribute length: 254

ALPortland Streetcar A Loop
AL/BLPortland Streetcar A & B Loops
AUXAuxiliary track. No revenue service
BMAX Blue Line
BGMAX Blue, and Green Lines
BGRMAX Blue, Green, and Red Lines
BGRYMAX Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow Lines
BLPortland Streetcar B Loop
BL/NSPortland Streetcar B Loop and North/South Line
BRMAX Blue and Red Lines
GMAX Green Line
GOMAX Green and Orange Lines
GYMAX Green and Yellow Lines
NSPortland Streetcar North/South Line
NS/ALPortland Streetcar A Loop and North/South Line
NS/AL/BLPortland Streetcar A & B Loops and North/South Line
OMAX Orange Line
O/AL/BLMAX Orange Line and Portland Streetcar A & B Loops
RMAX Red Line
WESWES (Westside Express Service)
YMAX Yellow Line

Attribute: PASSAGE
Definition: Indicates the infrastructure (if any) over/through which a rail segment travels. This data is intended for use in cartographic display rather than analysis
Attribute type: String
Attribute length: 254

bridgeRail segment travels over bridge
surfaceRail segment travels over ground/surface level
tunnelRail segment passes through tunnel

Attribute: STATUS
Definition: Operational status of the segment.
Attribute type: String
Attribute length: 254

ExistingService currently provided on rail segment
PlannedRail segment in advanced planning stages
UCRail segment is under construction

Attribute: TYPE
Definition: Type of service.
Attribute type: String
Attribute length: 254

CRCommuter rail
MAXLight rail
MAX/SCShared light rail and streetcar

Spatial Reference Information

Horizontal coordinate system definition:
  Coordinate system name:
    Projected coordinate system name: NAD_1983_HARN_StatePlane_Oregon_North_FIPS_3601
    Geographic coordinate system name: GCS_North_American_1983_HARN
    Map projection: Lambert conformal conic